"So far, apitherapy has been an unknown concept to me. Lying directly above the hives in "Apidomček" (apihouse), listening to the melodic buzz of bees, at the same time breathing "honey air", means amazing relaxation for me. The buzzing of the bees immediately put me to sleep and stayed with me for minutes after waking up. I look forward to further visits."

15.06. 2020


"We really liked the apihouse, it was really very pleasant and calming. There is a very strong energy that is not so easy to describe. We definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to try something new :)."

18.06. 2020


"It's weird. You feel relaxed on the first breath and after a few minutes you feel your heart rate slow down. I have to admit, I almost fell asleep there. Thank you for a pleasant experience."

19.06. 2020


"Visiting apihouse was very interesting for me. It raised a lot of questions in me. The time spent in the house was reassuring. The most interesting thing was to hear the bees in the hives working directly below you. "

18.06. 2020


"Staying in the apihouse was very relaxing for me, it's fragrant and clean there. I had time for myself for a while, to clear my head and just be. Thank you for this opportunity."

7.07. 2020


"I would like to thank you for a pleasant morning in the apidom. It was both an experience and relaxation for me at the same time when I perceived the vibrations of bees while working in the hives. I look forward to another meeting and wish many more satisfied visitors in your bee garden. Regards, Veronica "

5.08. 2020



My first visit to the apihouse left me in silent amazement. This, at first glance, innocent lying on the hives, after a recent accident, also helped me in terms of mental health and gave me the desired rest. I would simply present it as undisturbed relaxation, in which you perceive only the presence of bees, the sounds of nature, the feeling of strong pure energy and forget about problems or worries. 

Thank you, it was an indescribable experience. 

26.06. 2020