Radiation of bees and its use for treatment

   Apihouse is a smaller house where the client lies on a bed laid on three hives. Small circular cross-sections are created in the individual hives, which are secured by a grid so that the bees do not fly out, so that the client's contact with the bees in the house is not possible.

   During the therapy, the client breathes the hive air, which contains liquid wax particles, aerosols from propolis, pollen or enzymes, and there is also increased humidity in the apihouse. During your stay, you can listen to the buzz of the bees in the hive and feel the biofield of the whole beehive on your own skin. This strong radiation from more than 150,000 bees has a very positive effect on the human body.

text source: https://www.interez.sk/klienti-za-nim-cestuju-stovky-kilometrov-v-apidomceku-v-prievidzi-vas-bude-liecit-300-tisic-vciel/

       On the first visit to the apihouse, a 10-minute stay is suitable for the body to adapt to the given environment. We recommend 30 minutes for experiential therapy. Someone in the house relaxes by falling asleep and staying there for two hours. The time stay in the apihouse is always individual for each client. We usually recommend 5 to 10 lying down. After this cycle, it is advisable to take a break and repeat the therapy over time. 



The harmonizing environment created by bees in beehives helps to improve:

  • digestive and skin problems
  • mental state
  • normalizes blood pressure

Dear visitors,

if you are interested in staying in an apihouse, register on phone no. 0908 124 659

Entrance to our complex is not public.

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When the scent of the hive heals

Stay in apihouse

relax on the hives 30 - 60 min. with honey and bee water tasting

for the reservation call  +421 908 124 659 (min. 2 days before)

Entrance to the apihouse complex for organized groups

the excursion program includes:

  • a lecture about the life of bees; opening the hive
  • preview of the glass hive - free work of bees
  • entry into apihouse
  • honey tasting
  • we have child protective clothing for 15 people; the capacity is 20 children

photos from the previous excursion can be viewed here